25 4 / 2012

Besides Facebook in gerneral, the pieces of SHITS that are on there in the first place.

Heres the scenerio, 

Theres a girl, enganged o the lowest life form Ive ever had my displesure of meeting. He mentally abuses her 24/7. Also very publicly. He calls her a fucking whore and a slut for as much as talking to her gay friend. A stupid fucking bitch, ugly cheating whore. The works. He once did this on my facebook when she offered to make me pasta, claimed she was cheating. Even though that is now a long standing joke, it was extremely inaprouraite and horrible.

They break up a total or 6 times a god damn week. But she goes back. We try to help her, but obviously its pointless. And her mom still lets it happen, after witnessing everything.

Very soon after the pasta incident, he made a public hit towards me. And before i even get into it, let me tell you that Im 17 trying to live on my own to avoid an abusive household. He called me a poor piece of hit, told me to dig in the trash for my breakfast, etc. 

And that day, because of him. I fucking slipped up.

Ive been watching this for MONTHS.

And after everything

I just dont fucking care.

Ive lost the heart to care


And when sutpid fucking wanna be hard pieces of shit try to tell MY bestfriend to mind her own business just because she has the patience to try and help this girl, is when I begin to lose my fucking mind.

The amount hypocracy i see going on daily makes me want to rip my fucking skin off.

There is no faith in this city

There is no faith in the wastes o space that inhabit it.

All I see is some fucking wiggers trying to act like they know the street like just because they smooke a little weed.

Not only do they not respect the plant for what it is, but they use it as some pawn in their fucking appearance.

Hey, maybe with the luck on my side, and youre wishes to be a “gangster” comeing true, youll fucking get shot.

Because thats how that life goes. The life youre trying to live.

Im done with everything.

Good luck, fuckers.